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i hate school.
if i could have summer back i would take it without even haveing to think. ehhh

today i went to early morning and froze. you see i am a cold person already..... it was really cold so i was like super cold. that sucked and she made us do like every step and stop afterward. it took soo long. let me just say something" guys our shw isnt that hard lastyears what a lot harder and we did sooo good" then i went into school did the whole school deal and then went home to no one, but that wasnt to bad. i like being home alone heehee. its nice. soo yeah my life is borning but tomorrow i will have a good eberty i promise it will be good yeah. would you like to know my horoscope? cool i know you will haha. i am a leo if you wanted to know.

After all that running around you've been doing, you're probably ready for a break in the action -- and you can have it now. Relax, kick back and call a friend. Turning in early wouldn't hurt, either -- just this once.

ok kinda crappy but whatever haha

sorry for wasting your time with me
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