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i changed my background again and i like it a lot better. i did like there other one but... ehh i don't know. there is a little story to go along with the drawings they aren't random oh no. i will tell you........

this begins story time with your lovely jill

ok well when i was in Ireland we stopped in this little town when we where driving. and it was soo cut. there was one tinny street with like 5 shops on it and it was in the middle of nowhere. soo in one of the 5 shops there was a really small music shop. i was like owww music, like i would.i was looking around and in the front where these postcards. and they had these amazing drawings on them and i bought like one. so then i went to the next shop and i couldn't stop looking at the card i bought. so after i finished in the store i went back to the little music shop and bought 2 more and the man laughed at me in his Irish ascent and told me that they where this artist named Gertrude Degenhardt and that they where really hard to find. by then i didn't have any money left because everything was like 10 times more expensive there. crazy!!! so when i got home i looked for him on the computer and found out he is this like famous Irish artist and shit. i just think he is amazing and if you want to check him out type his name in goggle.com. he is sooo good uhhh i love it too much hahaha.

ok thats all bye
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